Story of a Beest: Taz

On December 28th I got to sit and talk with the beautiful Tazha, aka Tazh. I remember meeting this ray of sunshine in my Zumba class. She had moves and was so hype! I loved it and over the years I have gotten to know her, and I wanted to get to know her a little more. You probably recognize her from the Beest Movement photos. I only have strong women in my photos. I wanted to interview Tazha to find out where her determination comes from, and why is she so happy?!

Me: What is your real name?

Taz: Natasha Olbez

Me: How old are you?

Taz: I am 27 years old

Me: Are you really? I thought you were 22!

Taz: Giiiirl it’s the baby! (Giggling)

Me: You got them good genes dang! (We both laugh)

Me: So I want to ask you about your childhood, and how was it growing up? Because you are so happy all the time. Every time I see you it’s all teeth. I’m like damn she got all 32 out.

(She smiles and laughs at my comment)

Taz: My life as a kid I mean I had a blessed childhood. I mean when I came back from the Philippians I saw where my parents were from, like we went through the slums, everything, the city, everything. I mean not the up and coming, we call that the Provinces and then the city is like Bonk! It’s like really crazy so you get to see like extremes! So I got to see where my parents are from. They made the decision to come here to the United States when my dad was 18 and my mom was like 22. My dad joined the navy and my mom was a student nurse. Then they came over to the United States.

Taz: So when I grew up um I think it’s because I’m the baby

Me: how many siblings do you have?

Taz: I have 3 older siblings I have 2 older brothers Eric, Miguel, and my older sister Samantha.

Me: So you’re the 4th?

Taz: Yeah I’m the baby (smiling so big showing all her 32 teeth again).

Taz: So my dad didn’t get to deploy or anything because he retired so I pretty much had my whole family you know. We’re not moving around or anything like that.

Taz:  So when I was growing up my mom lived in Maryland she still lives there and my dad stayed down here with me and my sister. He kind of was a single dad but not really they were still together. So my child hood was all about sports. Softball, basketball, swimming, soccer, Thai boxing, like everything like every day I had like 2 practices. And If I wasn’t practicing then I was with my dad practicing outside. He was really on me keeping me busy.

Me: Wow! I sit in amazement.

Taz: It was my brother, my dad, and my sister who was raised by all guys too so of course we were into sports.

Me: that s crazy because I was going to ask you about a picture I saw, it was one of your throwback pictures and saw you balling basketball and you were in you Bball shorts. I was like Yo! You play ball too?

Taz: My dad was committed and when he commits to something he goes above and beyond! He did like a rec league basketball thing and all of a sudden AAU and we would travel all the time and he did that with my sister too. We did like swimming (her face drops with a smug look) Girl I hate swimming.

Me: You hate swimming?

Taz: Well I kind of liked it because I was really good at it but then I got pushed to hard so I was like I hate it! I hate chlorine. I hate it! So yeah it was pretty tough but the only thing that stuck with me was like Thai boxing because it’s fun!

Me: So what age were you when you started doing that?

Taz: 7 and that’s how I know Mr. C, my boss I have known him since I was 7

Me: Wow so that is like family?

Taz: Right, like I grew up with these people. It took precedence. If I could go back I would take school more seriously like my sister because it’s kind of hindering me now. I was like I was good at sports! So now like the schooling like during college Psssh I don’t know how many times I have changed my major. I have settled down on Nursing. I’m going to my NCLEX January 2nd.

She almost drops her phone talking about nursing.

Taz: Oooooh girl I can’t break that (we both laugh) No girl cause I go through phones like it’s nothing.

Me: Girl Sam would kill me if I broke my phone again.

She looks at my phone with amazement with how guarded it is. Then she jokes me about the super guard.

Taz: Girl you can’t ever break this phone (we both laugh).

Me: Man I thought you were 22, you’re 27 what, obstacles have you had growing up?

Taz: My mom because she was away a lot of the time, when I was young I thought it was like normal until I got to high school.

Me: You needed your mom?

Taz: I could verbally say that back then but I needed my mom for real because it’s tough you know.

Me: I know you can’t be like “dad I’m on my period”!

Taz: As she giggles: He would be like “go call your sister” okay so I have to call my sister. My sister is like 5 years older than me and she already went to college and I was in high school and it was my dad and I. He did a good job!

Me: I know he did a great job!

Taz: But after High school I was ridiculous, I was like BADA!!!

Me: so you went crazy?

Taz: No not really because my dad was right there too working security.

Me: Dang so you could do nothing cause he was right there making sure you stayed on track?

Taz: I actually didn’t mind because I loved my dad I mean I really love him but it was just hard not having a mom around. There was a lot of resentment there.

Me: Have you and your mom ever had that conversation about her not being there when you were growing up?

Taz: Oh yeah we talk about it all the time but I think it was just the way she grew up because she had nothing! I can understand now that she worked so hard to provide for us and that is her way of showing us that’s how much she loved us. So I had a blessed child hood. I never struggled, I never struggled I always had warm water, I always had food and it’s because of my mom and my dad! And I respect that.

Taz: Oh my god! I respect her so much and my mom now is still working and she is like almost 70. No! No lie 62 and she still chugging, like she is still going.

Me: She don’t know how to quit.

Taz: No she doesn’t! I RESPECT that about her, god she is amazing! Even though she couldn’t be there I understand why because I know where she came from.

Me: I know a little bit about the Philippines because my husband has told me about things that he has seen over there.

Taz: Oh my god there are like little naked babies running around. Don’t get me wrong they are happy but I’m just like I’m blessed oh my gosh like you can’t take anything for granted so the way my mom worked like I get it, I understand.

Me: Is that were you get your drive from?

Taz: I feel like it. In a lot of ways I am like my mom because she is like work hungry like she wants something done she gets it done, but I don’t want to be like her but.

Me: Yeah I get it you always fight with the one who acts like you the most

Taz: right!!

Me: I think I butt heads with all of them kids.

Taz: Your kids are so funnyyyyyy!

We sat and talked about my kids for a bit and then we talked about my family’s tradition of getting Chinese’s food for Christmas instead of me cooking a bunch of food and having bad left overs then we got to how she stuck with Thai boxing.

Me: So why did you stick with Thai boxing?

Taz: So you remember when I told you in college I went crazy? So I stayed local because I was with Sterling.

Me: How long have you been dating him?

Taz: 10 years

Me: (my eyes get bug eyed big)

Taz: Yaaaaaasss girl!!! We were together in high school He was a freshmen I was a senior.

Me: You were robbing the cradle girl!

Taz: oh what?

(We both laughed)

Taz: I’m a year and eight months older then him anywhoooo! I was a basketball player and he was a football player and it was meant to be!

(We both laugh)

Me: Like love and basketball

Taz: (laughing) what was the question again?

Me: Why did Jiu jitsu stick?

Taz: I started when I was 7 and then I got my black belt when I was 10 or 11, then I took like a break because I had to travel for sports. When I was 16 I went back and I trained with one of my good friends back then. Her family had their own academy and I trained with them for like 2 years then I stopped when I got out of high school and started college. I went crazy and I was like ( in a baby voice ) I want my mommy I can’t do this with my dad he is too hard on me dadadadadah . I turned aggressive I was really and aggressive person.

Me: You had a lot of anger in you.

Taz: Yeah

Me: And you were like how do I get this shit out?

Taz: Then I was like dad let’s go back to Linxx, then I was like hey and then I started training again and then I asked if I could teach? And they said No! After a while they asked me to teach and I was like YES!! LET’S TEACH THESE KIDS! And that is where I found my passion.

How long have you been teaching?

Taz: I have been teaching for 6 years. I teach 5 year olds and 6 year olds and then 5 to 13 year olds so we have a 5 and 6 your old class and then we have a 7 to 13 year old class. And when you teach the 5 and 6.

Me: Yeah, they have to be like pew pew pew!

Taz: Girlfriend you have to figure out like how to keep them focused so that was a great challenge! But I have figured it out now. (With a smirk on her face)

Me: That’s pretty cool that you have stuck with it for so long. Have you ever competed?

Taz: I have had 2 fights they were exhibitionist matches were there is no winner (she whispers) but I was the winner. (We both laugh)

Taz: No just joking, but no I don’t really like fighting honestly, because getting hit really hurts (smiling with all of her teeth) When you hit somebody that’s fun but you get really tired cause your like AAAAAhhh! (Laughing) but I don’t like getting hit in the face and I’m okay with that.

Me: Have you ever been hit in the face?

Taz: Oh my god plenty of times! Like when we train or have sparing days I would go against grown men because you know I hang with them. They like to go hard on me and I’m like it’s cool, I can take it. I mean you can’t feel nothing because your adrenalin is going but when you go home you’re like “why does this hurt”? But it’s cool. I just teach and work at the desk now.

Me: Do you ever want to go back?

Taz: Probably not the hard core training I mean I would for like the hard core workouts but as far as getting hit in the face all the time no I’m good. It’s not for everybody but it’s great to work on the pads now that’s fun.

Me: I have seen a couple of your videos and there was this one chick you were sparing with and you flew in the air and punched, I was like whoa!!!

Taz: Yeah that is the super man punch!

Me: That’s like something you see on the damn movies!

Taz: One of the guys that I grew up, and trained with, He is a stunt double. He was a stunt double for one of the foot soldiers for the turtle’s movie and he has been in a lot of like NetFlix series and TV shows. Him and my teacher, he also does that too. I’m pretty good at pretending to get hit but I can’t flip. If you hit me I can do a cartwheel.

Me: I know you work with kids at Linxx and you are a nurse. Do you ever think of working with kids in the hospitals?

Taz: No I can’t. I would be very sad and I would get attached. I don’t think I would be able to handle it.

Me: But you would bring those smiles with your personality.

Taz: Now that I think about it I would I’m scared that it would take away my personality that I have now, happy. I know that that is something that I can’t…I can’t I mean I would love too but I just know. That is why I have decided on being a school nurse or nurse estheticians. They help with microdermabrasion and Botox I can see myself doing that. I don’t want to complain about my work I want to love what I do.

I want to go back to your high school days you are in the era that teen moms really started to become really popular. What kept you from joining that statistic?

Taz: MY FATHER! He was really strict and he put that fear in me you know and I am grateful. All my friends except 2 were pregnant. I know that would have broken his heart and I didn’t want to do that to him. I broke his heart plenty of times by worrying him to death.  But yes my father was strict like my curfew was 11 at the age of 18.

Me: (In shock) 18!

Taz: Yes girl! and that was only on the weekends. I would stay out past my curfew and I would sneak out to go to my friend’s house which gave my father grey hairs. That was my way of rebelling.

Me: It sounds like your father loves you and cares very much for you guys and he did a great job raising you. I think that he’s putting his life on hold to raise his kids say a lot about him. It’s nice to have your father in your life. Granted you needed your mom but I believe that everything happens for a reason. I think your dad had to stay and steer you in the right direction.

Taz: Amen sister! Sports was a life saver I would say with the school I went to Lands Town so my dad was like nope you’re going into sports.

Taz: But like you said I think everything came full circle so now I can build a relationship with my mom and now my dad and mom are now working on their relationship.


I was great sitting, talking to Taz. I learn a great deal about her. She is now on a new journey. Planning her wedding!

Cassie Reamy


Tripping part 1

Last week was an interesting week. Listening to people and the things they’re going through. People are going through some tough times right now myself included. I felt like I was stumbling last week. I felt like nothing was going right. Getting Christmas gifts for people, getting a new shirt out on time, not having all my materials for the toys for tots, and my workouts were not the greatest because I was stressed. Here is the thing. I may have felt like life was acting like a cruel bully that kept pushing me down trying to make me stay down but you know what! Hell no I am not going to stay down. I can learn from my fails and make decisions on how to avoid them or I can just stay down and look for a pity party. I was reminded that when trying to get to the top you are going to struggle. You are going to hit some bumps in the road and you are going to go through some trials but it is all a test to see how bad you want it. I want my gym. I picture it every day. How it will look, what type, what machines are going to be there. For the first time I came real close to giving up. I have a great support system that reminded me why I shouldn’t. I was reminded why I started this whole thing in the first place.  I want this, so I am going to have to learn from my mistakes and step my game up.

Why I compete

My mother asked me why I compete and I get that question a lot. I compete because I never could imaged that I would be able to compete. I did not have the confidence at all because I was trying for years to lose weight and I have tried everything except eat healthy. Well my idea of eating healthy. My version of eating healthy was salads, salads and more salads. Afraid to go out side the normal. However something clicked for me and I started to look at how much I was eating and what I was eating. That was part of my process was fixing how I eat and what I eat. Once I got my eating under control. Once I lost the weight I had confidence. That I can do anything. That it was possible for me to lose weight. I was trying for 3 year to lose weight. Year 2 was a hard year. I was at a stand still for a long time. I pretty much gave up and thought that I was going to be 190 pounds for the rest of my life. year 3 was a good year. I had my cardio, eating and my weight training down the weight came off. Losing weight was not the only reason. I wanted to prove to myself that I can complete something. I am more than just a fat girl who lost weight. I am more than just a house wife and mother. Nothing warning with choosing that life. Lord know that its not an easy one. I just wanted more for me. I want to make my kids proud of me. I like when I have put in hard work on my physique and you can see results. Its like the feeling you get after mowing the lawn, or you re do your kitchen and you see the end results of your hard work. That is the best way for me to explain it.

Angies story

This is Angelina Taylor Jamison. I have gotten to know her over the past couple of years. I decided to do a story on this incredible young women who is helping hundreds of people live a healthy life style. Angie is a teacher at a public school. Angie tells me ways on how she keeps up with workouts and good eating habits as a teacher. 

Me: How do you start your mornings?                                                                                                                                                

Angie: I either make a protein shake or some mornings I will have oatmeal with raisins or blue berries. I pack my food in the morning even though I know I should do it the night before. So as a mid Morning snack I would have Greek yogurt or some fruit. For lunch i would have a whole wheat turkey sandwich, salad with shrimp or chicken, whole wheat pasta, or foods from the night before. Before I leave school I would have a protein bar or a shake and..don't laugh at me a packaged salmon for my workouts.                                                                                                                                                   

 Me: You said that you have a mid Morning snack, when do you find the time to eat your snack?                                                                                                                                                       

  Angie: I eat when my kids go to lunch. because they go to lunch at 10:30am. I don't want to eat lunch at 10:30am. Even when I have the students I find the time to eat my snack because it doesn't take long to eat a small snack. For me if I wait until 7:30 to 12 to eat, my blood sugar gets low and I am not pleasant (laughing). So my students prefer me to eat that I snack rather than to not. They know what time I eat my snack too (smiling).                                                   

Me: Is this during class or after?                                                                                                     

Angie: I eat my snack while they are going to lunch.                                                                  

Me: When do you get your third meal in?  

Angie: My kids go to elective class at 11:45am. Either I take them or my co-worker will take them down and I would eat my food between 12, or 12:10pm. I have 30min to eat my food. We have Microwave on each floor of my school so I can also warm up my food if need too. I apologize on the days I have fish (laughing). I have explain to my colleagues that in order for me to reach my goals I need to eat a lot leaner. The good thing is that they have noticed coming back from summer break, there were people who did not recognize me from summer break. (Big smile on her face)

Me: You said that you have another snack after school ?

Angie: Yes about 3:10pm or 3:15pm. I pack a snack in my bag. I notice that before I started to lose weight my way to handle hunger was to go through the drive through. So I would eat fast food when I did not have a sack in my bag. So I make sure that I have a snack in my bag. Rasins, a luna bar, a special K bar, or protein bar. My body is trained to eat every 3 to 4 hours so my body wants to eat. Even on the weekends my body at 10:30am I need to eat a yogurt or something. So for todays workout I went to Zumba but before Zumba I had a protein drink and afterwards I had Raisin Brand.

Me: So lets talk about your water intake. I hear a lot of teachers say they cant get the nessacery water intake due to their job, how are you able to get your water intake in?

Angie: I'm surprised that they would say that. Brain based learning and brain based research said that students do better when they are hydrated. So at our school kids are aloud to have water bottles in class. We have found that students do better and the brain works better. That goes for the teachers also. I have two big bottles of water during the day and sometimes I will refill them. I would have water in the morning or with my mid morning snack lunch and after school. So that is 48oz. And that is before the gym.

Me: Okay now I want to ask you about how do you get your workouts in after work? I know as a teacher you have papers to grade,and lessons to plan. How are you able to get your workouts in?

Angie: I have to workout and let me explain. Before I had a workout regiment I would sit on the couch and eat Mc Donald's. I handled work stress with food. At the end of that 18 months I did not like how I looked or felt, I cant climb stairs. Once I found out about Zumba I was taking the class twice a week and it fit into my schedule. So I kept going and kept going and going Ha! And people would ask me "how are you going to Hampton, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Greenbrier"? I would say I have to make time. One of the things that I had to realize is I watched a lot of TV. So the time that I could have been grading papers, working out or being productive I was watching TV. Once I have stopped watching. I maybe watching 30 min a day or an hour but the way my schedule is I go to work I teach my students I stay for an hour or an hour in a half to catch up on work. I get a 90 min planning bell to plan my day. I also get an hour to another 90 min to grade papers and work on lesson plans. By 4:30pm I am done I can go home put on my work out clothes and get my 6 days in and I make sure I get my rest day in.

Me: How has this new life style affected your relationship with your son?

Angie: Well he at first thought that it was a fluke and he didn't think I was going to stick with it. He has seen me do Jazzercise before, Curves. He has seen me go to Onelife before. I fell off the wagon. This time around when I stared Zumba he thought you are not going to be serious with this. But now he is my biggest supporter so when we go out to eat he says to me first have you gone to Zumba yet? (laughing). He said to me which is huge he said you are so much happier now that you are healthy. But in the beginning he was a little jealous or threatened of my Zumba time but then he would see how happy, and less stressed I was after I worked out. I wasn't yelling at him all the time I wasn't snapping on him. If I do snap on him he says did you go to Zumba today? (laughing). It has improved our relationship.




Beest movement started a Beest Camp where people who are looking to lose weight and learn nutrition. The ladies also learned how to think positive instead of negative of themselves. They have worked hard for six weeks. On our last day instead of killing them with an intense workout I decided to play a game of flag football! In celebration of football season

Balance: Lifting/Cardio/and Yoga

I am a Libra so balance is in my nature. For a very long time I believed in cardio and lifting. I figured that my stretching "I stretch during Zumba class why should I do yoga"? A friend of mine for a year would try to get me in to a yoga class. I always thought that it was for bougie, people. I would hear how people would lose weight from yoga. I felt like that was a bunch of BS. I thought that it has no real fitness value.  Now I can admit that I was ignorant and wrong! My friend finally got me into a class and let me tell you it is not easy. You use muscles that you did not know you even had. Holding poses, flowing from one pose to the next and talk about core work!  But not only it is a workout it stretches you as well. My legs have been really tight, joints stiff, flexibility almost none existent. Due to my stubbornness of not stretching after classes I've injured myself. My hips and Knees have been a huge problem for me for the past year making it difficult to lift as heavy as I would like. Not saying completely healed due to yoga but I am saying that after taking it my hips are doing much better. My knees don't hurt as much. My form has improved tremendously with posture adjustments. Example not sticking my butt out during a straight arm sweep. By tilting my hips slightly inward has made it possible for me to really hit the muscle I was targeting. Yoga also helps with my sanity. If you have ever competed you know that it is not easy at all! If it was everyone would be able to handle it. Training for a competition in the summer and with the kids being out of school can be challenging. You will see what I am talking a bout in the next blog. My mind races everywhere. My clothing line, personal training business, zumba classes, on top of raising 2 teenagers, a pre-teen and a husband. Lets just say it's hard to quite my head. Yoga does that for me. That one hour my mind is at easy. I am able to relax. The feeling is undesirable, the one word I can think of is...calm

8 weeks out from the Lenda Murray bodybuilding competition

I am having a great experience with training for this competition. I am amazed at my dedication to the diet. I seriously thought to myself can I really do this? With out a CHEAT MEAL!? I realized I can. The support I have from my family and friends have been amazing. It is a great feeling. My kids and husband could easily flip this around and say "This is your competition not mine, why do I have to sacrifice"? Instead my husband is dieting with me. The kids which I though were going to be the problem because I let my kids be kids. You  know eat a cookie, chips all that jazz but they have been awesome. They keep me in check. Making sure I don't slip. My middle child Destiny she is a baker and  a damn good one at that. She always ask me when I am leaving for work. she would bake her goodies while I was gone and made sure that It was put away before I was home. This support makes the process easier. If I didn't have them by my side competing would be HARD! Damn near impossible.... But possible.

11 weeks out from competition

I am competing again in the NPC Lenda Murray competition. Last year I was going to compete but I was dealing with a lot. Dealing with my brothers death and trying to do a fitness expo all of that at the same time of competing. I had no focus, my mind was all over the place. So I made the decision to pull out of the competition. This year I am ready! My mind is focused. I feel like this time around I am more determined to be better thank I was when I first competed. I am putting more of an effort into keeping my diet clean. That means no cheat meals until my coach tells me I can. Before I use to get cheat meal once a week, but not this time! I was given one this past week for Mother's Day which was freakin awesome! I am no back on track. I have to stay focused. I am going to see this through. 


My dream is to have a gym. I have imagined what it is going to look like. The equipment I am going to have. What the cardio room is going to look like, pretty much everything.  I will reach my dream but I have to set goals in order to reach them. When your dreams are big you have to set up a plan on how you are going to make your dreams a reality. Set a goal that is reachable within a short period of time.

My dream was not realized until I started doing zumba. For me zumba was one of the key ingredients for my weight loss. A long with weight training and healthy eating. I realized that te gym is a place where lives are changed for the better. I want a place of my own. My dreams was realized. I have been taking my steps to get there. I set out to become a zumba instructor and I did it. I set out to become a damn good instructor, I did. I became a group fitness instructor. It was hard but I got certified, and got my name out to a different audience. The I set my goal to become a personal trainer. I failed and failed but I didn't give up. Now I haemy own personal training business. I am slowly getting there but I need to be patient. Planning setting goals and giving myself a time frame to do it.

We all have being dreams but it can seem so far and unreachable that you give up.  Don't! Set your dreams so big that you can't reach them until you turn into the person who can. If your dream is to compete but you don't have any muscles. Set a small goal of weight training for 3 times a week for a month. Build your way up to competing level. You want to get better at meal prep but you don't  like to cook. Start by prepping your food for 2 days at a time. Set a goal that at the end of the month you will be at 3 to 4 days. If you want to be a better dancer but you have 2 left feet. Take some dance classes and set a goal that you will get the routine in 2 weeks.

The point is set goals up to reach your dreams. There is a journey that has to happen before you reach your destination. Work hard and enjoy the journey.


Finding your RESOLVE

Resolve - to come to define or earnest decision, determine to do something.

When you are walking your journey to become successful you will find that it has many obstacles and distractions to throw you off the path. It's also easy to for get why you started in the first place. First things first recognize your distraction and or obstacle. Your distraction can be work, family, friends, boyfriend, or girlfriend. All of these things take up a lot of time and can be distracting to the point you forget about yourself. Your obstacles can be stress, doubt, and fear.

Fear that was my biggest obstacle. Fear of competing and having my peers judging me on my looks and my body. No one likes to be judged especially on their body! Hell I am a woman. We are sensitive when it comes to our bodies. Plus I've had 3 kids and I am not like those lucky women who can pop out babies and not have stretch marks a.k.a tiger stripes. I have my stripes and I had the extra skin. So I felt like there is no way in hell I should get up there, place, or win! They will laugh me off the stage or gasp in disgust because they see beautiful bodies all the time and here I come with my mess.

I don't know what it was but one day I was like screw it I am going to do it. I want to see what I can do, I want to try. I lost 100 pounds I can do anything. Then training started and I was like what the hell am I doing?! Why am I doing this again? What was my RESOLVE? I remembered I wanted to prove to myself that I can finish something that I started. That I am not just a military house wife. I wanted to be proud of myself other than having my beautiful kids. I wanted to be my own role model. I want to show myself that I can step on that stage and be proud of my hard work.

I trained my ass off! I ate clean. I was hungry, tired, I was a nightmare to be around and I could not think for the life of me. My mind was gone like leaving my car running and walking into the store 30 min later your car still running! But I knew what needed to be done. I know what scarifies I had to make. I had found my RESOLVE.

I got on that stage and won my very first competition in my category and best poser in my division! At first I did not know they called me or I just could not believe they said my number. They said my number again and I said holy shit that's me! I never expected to win. NEVER! I was proud of myself I saw it through it to the end. I did not give up on me.

I was and still determined to be better than I was last year, last month, or last week. My resolve is to be better than I was last year. I am competing against myself. You better believe I am going to because I know my Resolve and I am focused.

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