Angies story

This is Angelina Taylor Jamison. I have gotten to know her over the past couple of years. I decided to do a story on this incredible young women who is helping hundreds of people live a healthy life style. Angie is a teacher at a public school. Angie tells me ways on how she keeps up with workouts and good eating habits as a teacher. 

Me: How do you start your mornings?                                                                                                                                                

Angie: I either make a protein shake or some mornings I will have oatmeal with raisins or blue berries. I pack my food in the morning even though I know I should do it the night before. So as a mid Morning snack I would have Greek yogurt or some fruit. For lunch i would have a whole wheat turkey sandwich, salad with shrimp or chicken, whole wheat pasta, or foods from the night before. Before I leave school I would have a protein bar or a shake and..don't laugh at me a packaged salmon for my workouts.                                                                                                                                                   

 Me: You said that you have a mid Morning snack, when do you find the time to eat your snack?                                                                                                                                                       

  Angie: I eat when my kids go to lunch. because they go to lunch at 10:30am. I don't want to eat lunch at 10:30am. Even when I have the students I find the time to eat my snack because it doesn't take long to eat a small snack. For me if I wait until 7:30 to 12 to eat, my blood sugar gets low and I am not pleasant (laughing). So my students prefer me to eat that I snack rather than to not. They know what time I eat my snack too (smiling).                                                   

Me: Is this during class or after?                                                                                                     

Angie: I eat my snack while they are going to lunch.                                                                  

Me: When do you get your third meal in?  

Angie: My kids go to elective class at 11:45am. Either I take them or my co-worker will take them down and I would eat my food between 12, or 12:10pm. I have 30min to eat my food. We have Microwave on each floor of my school so I can also warm up my food if need too. I apologize on the days I have fish (laughing). I have explain to my colleagues that in order for me to reach my goals I need to eat a lot leaner. The good thing is that they have noticed coming back from summer break, there were people who did not recognize me from summer break. (Big smile on her face)

Me: You said that you have another snack after school ?

Angie: Yes about 3:10pm or 3:15pm. I pack a snack in my bag. I notice that before I started to lose weight my way to handle hunger was to go through the drive through. So I would eat fast food when I did not have a sack in my bag. So I make sure that I have a snack in my bag. Rasins, a luna bar, a special K bar, or protein bar. My body is trained to eat every 3 to 4 hours so my body wants to eat. Even on the weekends my body at 10:30am I need to eat a yogurt or something. So for todays workout I went to Zumba but before Zumba I had a protein drink and afterwards I had Raisin Brand.

Me: So lets talk about your water intake. I hear a lot of teachers say they cant get the nessacery water intake due to their job, how are you able to get your water intake in?

Angie: I'm surprised that they would say that. Brain based learning and brain based research said that students do better when they are hydrated. So at our school kids are aloud to have water bottles in class. We have found that students do better and the brain works better. That goes for the teachers also. I have two big bottles of water during the day and sometimes I will refill them. I would have water in the morning or with my mid morning snack lunch and after school. So that is 48oz. And that is before the gym.

Me: Okay now I want to ask you about how do you get your workouts in after work? I know as a teacher you have papers to grade,and lessons to plan. How are you able to get your workouts in?

Angie: I have to workout and let me explain. Before I had a workout regiment I would sit on the couch and eat Mc Donald's. I handled work stress with food. At the end of that 18 months I did not like how I looked or felt, I cant climb stairs. Once I found out about Zumba I was taking the class twice a week and it fit into my schedule. So I kept going and kept going and going Ha! And people would ask me "how are you going to Hampton, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Greenbrier"? I would say I have to make time. One of the things that I had to realize is I watched a lot of TV. So the time that I could have been grading papers, working out or being productive I was watching TV. Once I have stopped watching. I maybe watching 30 min a day or an hour but the way my schedule is I go to work I teach my students I stay for an hour or an hour in a half to catch up on work. I get a 90 min planning bell to plan my day. I also get an hour to another 90 min to grade papers and work on lesson plans. By 4:30pm I am done I can go home put on my work out clothes and get my 6 days in and I make sure I get my rest day in.

Me: How has this new life style affected your relationship with your son?

Angie: Well he at first thought that it was a fluke and he didn't think I was going to stick with it. He has seen me do Jazzercise before, Curves. He has seen me go to Onelife before. I fell off the wagon. This time around when I stared Zumba he thought you are not going to be serious with this. But now he is my biggest supporter so when we go out to eat he says to me first have you gone to Zumba yet? (laughing). He said to me which is huge he said you are so much happier now that you are healthy. But in the beginning he was a little jealous or threatened of my Zumba time but then he would see how happy, and less stressed I was after I worked out. I wasn't yelling at him all the time I wasn't snapping on him. If I do snap on him he says did you go to Zumba today? (laughing). It has improved our relationship.