Tripping part 1

Last week was an interesting week. Listening to people and the things they’re going through. People are going through some tough times right now myself included. I felt like I was stumbling last week. I felt like nothing was going right. Getting Christmas gifts for people, getting a new shirt out on time, not having all my materials for the toys for tots, and my workouts were not the greatest because I was stressed. Here is the thing. I may have felt like life was acting like a cruel bully that kept pushing me down trying to make me stay down but you know what! Hell no I am not going to stay down. I can learn from my fails and make decisions on how to avoid them or I can just stay down and look for a pity party. I was reminded that when trying to get to the top you are going to struggle. You are going to hit some bumps in the road and you are going to go through some trials but it is all a test to see how bad you want it. I want my gym. I picture it every day. How it will look, what type, what machines are going to be there. For the first time I came real close to giving up. I have a great support system that reminded me why I shouldn’t. I was reminded why I started this whole thing in the first place.  I want this, so I am going to have to learn from my mistakes and step my game up.