Why I compete

My mother asked me why I compete and I get that question a lot. I compete because I never could imaged that I would be able to compete. I did not have the confidence at all because I was trying for years to lose weight and I have tried everything except eat healthy. Well my idea of eating healthy. My version of eating healthy was salads, salads and more salads. Afraid to go out side the normal. However something clicked for me and I started to look at how much I was eating and what I was eating. That was part of my process was fixing how I eat and what I eat. Once I got my eating under control. Once I lost the weight I had confidence. That I can do anything. That it was possible for me to lose weight. I was trying for 3 year to lose weight. Year 2 was a hard year. I was at a stand still for a long time. I pretty much gave up and thought that I was going to be 190 pounds for the rest of my life. year 3 was a good year. I had my cardio, eating and my weight training down the weight came off. Losing weight was not the only reason. I wanted to prove to myself that I can complete something. I am more than just a fat girl who lost weight. I am more than just a house wife and mother. Nothing warning with choosing that life. Lord know that its not an easy one. I just wanted more for me. I want to make my kids proud of me. I like when I have put in hard work on my physique and you can see results. Its like the feeling you get after mowing the lawn, or you re do your kitchen and you see the end results of your hard work. That is the best way for me to explain it.