My dream is to have a gym. I have imagined what it is going to look like. The equipment I am going to have. What the cardio room is going to look like, pretty much everything.  I will reach my dream but I have to set goals in order to reach them. When your dreams are big you have to set up a plan on how you are going to make your dreams a reality. Set a goal that is reachable within a short period of time.

My dream was not realized until I started doing zumba. For me zumba was one of the key ingredients for my weight loss. A long with weight training and healthy eating. I realized that te gym is a place where lives are changed for the better. I want a place of my own. My dreams was realized. I have been taking my steps to get there. I set out to become a zumba instructor and I did it. I set out to become a damn good instructor, I did. I became a group fitness instructor. It was hard but I got certified, and got my name out to a different audience. The I set my goal to become a personal trainer. I failed and failed but I didn't give up. Now I haemy own personal training business. I am slowly getting there but I need to be patient. Planning setting goals and giving myself a time frame to do it.

We all have being dreams but it can seem so far and unreachable that you give up.  Don't! Set your dreams so big that you can't reach them until you turn into the person who can. If your dream is to compete but you don't have any muscles. Set a small goal of weight training for 3 times a week for a month. Build your way up to competing level. You want to get better at meal prep but you don't  like to cook. Start by prepping your food for 2 days at a time. Set a goal that at the end of the month you will be at 3 to 4 days. If you want to be a better dancer but you have 2 left feet. Take some dance classes and set a goal that you will get the routine in 2 weeks.

The point is set goals up to reach your dreams. There is a journey that has to happen before you reach your destination. Work hard and enjoy the journey.