8 weeks out from the Lenda Murray bodybuilding competition

I am having a great experience with training for this competition. I am amazed at my dedication to the diet. I seriously thought to myself can I really do this? With out a CHEAT MEAL!? I realized I can. The support I have from my family and friends have been amazing. It is a great feeling. My kids and husband could easily flip this around and say "This is your competition not mine, why do I have to sacrifice"? Instead my husband is dieting with me. The kids which I though were going to be the problem because I let my kids be kids. You  know eat a cookie, chips all that jazz but they have been awesome. They keep me in check. Making sure I don't slip. My middle child Destiny she is a baker and  a damn good one at that. She always ask me when I am leaving for work. she would bake her goodies while I was gone and made sure that It was put away before I was home. This support makes the process easier. If I didn't have them by my side competing would be HARD! Damn near impossible.... But possible.