Balance: Lifting/Cardio/and Yoga

I am a Libra so balance is in my nature. For a very long time I believed in cardio and lifting. I figured that my stretching "I stretch during Zumba class why should I do yoga"? A friend of mine for a year would try to get me in to a yoga class. I always thought that it was for bougie, people. I would hear how people would lose weight from yoga. I felt like that was a bunch of BS. I thought that it has no real fitness value.  Now I can admit that I was ignorant and wrong! My friend finally got me into a class and let me tell you it is not easy. You use muscles that you did not know you even had. Holding poses, flowing from one pose to the next and talk about core work!  But not only it is a workout it stretches you as well. My legs have been really tight, joints stiff, flexibility almost none existent. Due to my stubbornness of not stretching after classes I've injured myself. My hips and Knees have been a huge problem for me for the past year making it difficult to lift as heavy as I would like. Not saying completely healed due to yoga but I am saying that after taking it my hips are doing much better. My knees don't hurt as much. My form has improved tremendously with posture adjustments. Example not sticking my butt out during a straight arm sweep. By tilting my hips slightly inward has made it possible for me to really hit the muscle I was targeting. Yoga also helps with my sanity. If you have ever competed you know that it is not easy at all! If it was everyone would be able to handle it. Training for a competition in the summer and with the kids being out of school can be challenging. You will see what I am talking a bout in the next blog. My mind races everywhere. My clothing line, personal training business, zumba classes, on top of raising 2 teenagers, a pre-teen and a husband. Lets just say it's hard to quite my head. Yoga does that for me. That one hour my mind is at easy. I am able to relax. The feeling is undesirable, the one word I can think of is...calm