Finding your RESOLVE

Resolve - to come to define or earnest decision, determine to do something.

When you are walking your journey to become successful you will find that it has many obstacles and distractions to throw you off the path. It's also easy to for get why you started in the first place. First things first recognize your distraction and or obstacle. Your distraction can be work, family, friends, boyfriend, or girlfriend. All of these things take up a lot of time and can be distracting to the point you forget about yourself. Your obstacles can be stress, doubt, and fear.

Fear that was my biggest obstacle. Fear of competing and having my peers judging me on my looks and my body. No one likes to be judged especially on their body! Hell I am a woman. We are sensitive when it comes to our bodies. Plus I've had 3 kids and I am not like those lucky women who can pop out babies and not have stretch marks a.k.a tiger stripes. I have my stripes and I had the extra skin. So I felt like there is no way in hell I should get up there, place, or win! They will laugh me off the stage or gasp in disgust because they see beautiful bodies all the time and here I come with my mess.

I don't know what it was but one day I was like screw it I am going to do it. I want to see what I can do, I want to try. I lost 100 pounds I can do anything. Then training started and I was like what the hell am I doing?! Why am I doing this again? What was my RESOLVE? I remembered I wanted to prove to myself that I can finish something that I started. That I am not just a military house wife. I wanted to be proud of myself other than having my beautiful kids. I wanted to be my own role model. I want to show myself that I can step on that stage and be proud of my hard work.

I trained my ass off! I ate clean. I was hungry, tired, I was a nightmare to be around and I could not think for the life of me. My mind was gone like leaving my car running and walking into the store 30 min later your car still running! But I knew what needed to be done. I know what scarifies I had to make. I had found my RESOLVE.

I got on that stage and won my very first competition in my category and best poser in my division! At first I did not know they called me or I just could not believe they said my number. They said my number again and I said holy shit that's me! I never expected to win. NEVER! I was proud of myself I saw it through it to the end. I did not give up on me.

I was and still determined to be better than I was last year, last month, or last week. My resolve is to be better than I was last year. I am competing against myself. You better believe I am going to because I know my Resolve and I am focused.